For Bookclubs & Teachers

Here you can find infomation about our upcoming Over the Moon Book Group picks, reading recommendations, and bookclub resources.

Over the Moon Book Group

We usually meet the second Thursday of every month at 6 pm but currently do not have a bookclub scheduled.  Everyone is welcome, (and you don't have to have finished the book to attend!). We've had some pretty lively discussions, and we hope you'll join us for the next one! The OTM book club pick is always 10% off, as soon as it's announced. Next month's book club pick is announced at the club meeting, and then here, of course. If you are interested give us a call!

Book Pick Gatherings

Anne loves meeting with book clubs to share the store's favorite book club picks. Here's how it works: We pick an evening that works for all of us, and your group comes in when we close the store at 7pm. Lots of groups have brought potluck dinners and their favorite beverages, but that's not required. Then Anne presents a bunch of her favorite book club picks - usually about ten. When we're finished, your club gets to have a private shopping evening!

$100 per group includes a bottle of wine or nonalcoholic beverage.

Teacher Resources  

We look forward to assisting teachers with book selections for their classrooms. Book purchases for classroom instruction or classroom libraries are 10% off retail price.